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Making online fitness training truly personal

You are unique, and so should be your fitness journey. I am here to help you achieve your goals through the most personalised training experience possible. Fitness is more than just workouts - what you do, what you eat, how you feel, how you sleep - everything is equally important. Together, you and I will focus on all aspects of your health. Whether you are at home, in the gym, or on the road - I will be part of your fitness journey. I will be there to guide you through tough times, to check your form on video calls, to celebrate your wins, and to be on top of all the last-minute schedule changes.

Your personal coach is now in your pocket!


Personalized Schedule

Transform your fitness journey with an exclusive training program designed specifically for you to achieve your goals. Your personalized schedule will include workouts, meal plans, hydration as well as activity goals.


Dynamic Workout Routines

Enjoy a variety of exercises - all suited to your style. Whether you want to sculpt your body or lose fat, workout at home or gym, with or without equipment, beginner or advanced level - there’s something for everyone.


Progress Tracking

Track your fitness journey like a pro. Get closer to your fitness goals with easy performance tracking via weekly photos and intelligent analytics. Connect your favorite wearable device to my app, and never lose track of your progress.


Instant Messaging & Video Calls

Stay connected with me in real-time with messages and video calls. With photo, audio, video and document sharing supported right in the app, connect with me for just about anything, anytime.

My Plans

21 day Kickstart Plan

21 day Kickstart Plan

Three weeks of tools and tips to help your mind and body function well as a team. Our mindset is the foundation to managing your self-care while living a life that also demands that we care for others. Functioning with a pain free body and a clear mind, dictate our food choices and sleep patterns. Let's spend a week finding our center. Learn more about your body's needs versus what you need your body to do for you each day. We will help you find that sweet spot of flow managing a healthier lifestyle versus feeling pressured to squeeze in a set of sit-ups and push ups in between life's other demands. Week 1 - Nutrition / Mobility / Basic Physical Training Week 2- Resistance Training (Additional Equipment Needed). Request the link to access a grab bag of equipment and tools your coach will be using throughout the program. Week 3- Combination Movements / Tools To Maintain Results Equipment Needed: Stability Ball Medicine ball 5-20lbs Dumbbells (2) Resistance Tubes (Full Set) Resistance Bands (Full Set) Exercise Mat Foam Roller Small Massage Balls Commonly Used For Myofascial Release

Video explanations of how to perform each exercise

Regular progress check-ins

Daily workout logging in the app

for 3 Weeks
Gym Rat

Gym Rat

Sometimes we just want effective routines and a simple meal plan. It's all in the way a routine is performed. Track your nutrition, hydration and activity level regularly to maintain a program adjusting as you improve. You will SWEAT! You will be SORE! You will want to quit, and that's okay!

Full support available through chat

Full sets, reps and rest times for each exercise

Full explanations of body parts affected & what equipment to use

Videos of each exercise

for 12 Weeks
Free Trial

Free Trial

Enjoy a MONTH in the Fit Camp on us! Sample a GENERAL workout schedule. Use chat feature to ask questions and make requests.

4 weeks of the Fit Camp absolutely FREE!

General plan that promotes accountability & consistency.

No obligation.

Access will automatically terminate after 4 weeks.

for 4 Weeks
The Full Monty

The Full Monty

*** DISCLAIMER*** You must have access to a kitchen and a fully stocked gym to get the maximum results out of your investment. The monthly online coaching plan is my most inclusive package offered. The Full Monty is exclusive to a limited number of clients and includes; but not limited to, the following: 1. Weekly check-ins with your coach. 2. Curated dietary guidelines 3. Customized training programs 4. Online chat support 5. Each plan is created with respect to your lifestyle, resources and preferences! This is the most comprehensive plan available to ensure you can keep up with whatever life throws your way.

One on one coaching

Personalised fitness plan with video demonstrations & instructions to perform

Personalised meal plan & recipes

chat support

Regular progress check-ins

Regular progress updates

Primal Package

Primal Package

An exploration into the seven fundamental movements of the human body. Push Pull Hinge Squat Lunge Rotate Gait We all perform these movements multiple times per day. Use this package to bridge the gap between training in the gym and the physical demands of navigating through daily life. Modified workout schedule each cycle.

Nutritional Guidance

2 Video Calls With Your Coach

Regulated Check Ins (Progress Tracker)

1 Week FREE!

No long term contract

for first week

Bed and Bench Press

Fitness & Wellness Ambassdors

Bed and Bench Press is the latest creation from Cat's Club Fitness Inc. Coach Cat and friends will be your expert guide to all things fitness. On her own, Coach Cat comes to the table with over 20 years in the fitness motivation business. She was born in Virginia, raised through adversity, and has risen to the challenge of integrating three essential pieces to the wellness puzzle: 1. Strength 2. Discipline 3. Consistency Anything worth fighting for in life, takes a combination of these three essential focus points. Follow along with the Bed and Bench Press team and finally accept the accountability and integrity we should all practice throughout life. This is the opportunity to not only train like a coach physically; but now the secrets to mental toughness are unlocked with this app. The accountability needed to stay the course during the toughest of times is achieved through added perks like scheduled live video chats with Coach and link sharing in the chat rooms. Accountability maintains positive mental health and that's most important! Enjoy! "Discipline is a practice NOT a goal; it is never-ending and ever changing. Keep that in mind as you resist the temptation to quit. Never quit... just rebuild and keep going" - Coach Cat

Bed and Bench Press

Complete personalised fitness solution

One-to-one Video Calls

Connect with me over one-to-one video calls to discuss your goals, progress, techniques and more.

Compliance Tracking

Build long term healthy habits with weekly and monthly compliance trends for workouts, nutrition and everything else.

Wearable Integration

Connect your wearable device with the app to track your daily activity levels and workout metrics like heart rate and calories burnt.

Weekly Check-ins

Check-in with weekly photos and measurements to keep track of your progress. Make amends whenever required.

Personalised Workouts

Get frequent tweaks on your workout plan based on your heart rate, feedback and of course, your schedule & preferences.

Customised Nutrition

Get meal plans based on your dietary preferences. I will constantly update your plan to ensure you get to eat what you like while keeping it healthy.

Client Testimonials

You'll really feel muscles tearing, the burning of a true workout and exhaustion and how to push through. Correct years of mistakes you made in the gym and wondered why you weren't truly seeing results.

Eric J

Artist / Creator

"I slimmed down, I lost a ton of body fat and my whole body is stronger, works better as a unit, I learned allot about form and technique, and I gained more confidence in myself."

Dustin R.

Every single time I workout, I learn new ways to manipulate my muscles and the results have made me appreciate strength training.

Sophie D.


You can select the "FREE TRIAL" option from the menu to unlock a sample of my "21 Day Kickstarter" plan. Kickstarter is the most user friendly plan due to the fact that minimal equipment is needed to increase strength, improve mobility & retain lean mass. I have also included a sample of the nutrition and hydration accountability so you can get the full app experience!

Because of the nature of the program and the digital experience, there are no refunds. Once you have signed up, you'll have full immediate service to online coaching and all of its resources. There is no way for me to monitor what you may or may not have used.

In the Full Monty, we can chat and setup live video sessions as needed. This can be quite helpful for cooking lessons and virtual classes with other guests. In the less customized plans, there are limited video calls. In all cases, feel free to leave messages in chat as often as you need and I will reply as soon as I can!